Strategy Planning & Execution

Status quo is a dangerous place to be!  Today's companies must be highly cognizant of its competitors' advancements, often due to changing technologies and the buying habits of their customers.  Regular evaluation of a business' strategic vision and making adjustments or even pivotal changes effectively when necessary will ensure an organization's relevance and survival.  Let Southstar Global provide you the tools!

Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard

Turn your innovative ideas into profitable products or services for the marketplace with a well organized and thought-out roadmap and measurable CTQ steps.  Strategy maps are also critical in telling your story to secure and retain corporate funding or venture capital.

Business Model / Value Proposition

We will help you analyze & fully understand your critical relationships and channels throughout the provision process of your product or service; and maintaining the benefits, solutions & satisfaction delivered to your customers.

Re-organization / Change Management

Changes in an organization, whether through expansion, mergers, or contraction, or simply by realigning existing resources, can be traumatic and efficiency-killing experiences.  Let us help you avoid such pitfalls and remain focused during these periods.

Strategic Initiative Projects / Kaizen

One of the biggest challenges faced by CEO's today is the gap between strategic plans and actual implementation.  It makes sense to hire an outside coach to provide the tools and coordination for the project team which in most cases is comprised of resources not 100% allocated to the project.

Product Development

The speed and cost with which your new product or service reach the market could differentiate you between the controlling brand leader or the "me-too" competitor.  Let Southstar's LEAN and SCRUM methodology experts guide your development team from idea to product launch.