Project Performance Auditing

Southstar will investigate how your projects are being carried out by your project team, your contractor or supplier, to ensure a quality & profitable outcome that satisfies your customers.  More importantly, we will recommend continuous improvement steps including changes in your processes & procedures, as well as developing a project recovery plan when necessary.

Contract Execution Evaluation

We will objectively evaluate the performance of your in-house or your contractor's project teams, either during project execution or as post-mortem lessons learned.  Subjects can include scope & schedule conformance, cost control, documentation & reporting , change order/extra work management, conflict resolution , QA/QC, and customer satisfaction.  Adherence to contract terms without under- or over-deliveries (unless agreed upon & compensated for) will be strictly monitored.

Project Cost Audit

Southstar performs internal audit of project cost accounting to analyze profit achievement or shortfall vs. projection to provide improvement suggestions on project management and bid estimating processes.  We can also conduct external audits to scrutinize or defend T&M costs for contract and extra work, including costs associated with delays by 3rd party or project cancellation, either on behalf of the owner or contractor.

Vendor Qualification & Surveillance

If you are contemplating the selection of a vendor to provide key components or processes for your product, Southstar Global can utilize its experience in U.S., China, India, Taiwan, U.K. and Brazil to assist you with a careful, impartial evaluation based on the vendor's capability & capacity, financial stability, reputation, bonding ability and quality and safety programs.  We can witness in-process or final manufacturing verification tests, conduct First Article Inspections to your standards, and provide supply chain management support.

Buyer's / Owner's Representative

If you are the Buyer or Owner who has hired contractors to perform work on your project, we can represent your interest at the job site to ensure all work is being performed to the Project Quality Plan that you have approved, and review all documentation for completeness and compliance

Expert Witness

Whether your project requires by contract a third party testimonial for Quality Control or Completion of Scope, or you are in need of an expert witness during litigation or arbitration, Southstar is ready to be of assistance.